Seasonal Hiring Simplified: Mastering the Peaks and Troughs with Ease

Seasonal hiring lets you scale your workforce according to your business needs. You can add seasonal employees during busy seasons and let them seek other employment when the workload goes back to normal.

Seasonal hiring provides additional employee support during busy times. Reducing employee workloads helps lower stress and prevent burnout.

Understanding how seasonal hiring works helps you master the workload peaks and troughs with ease. The following details can serve as guidelines.

Use this guide to learn how seasonal hiring can help you master the workload peaks and troughs with ease.

Start Seasonal Hiring Early

Begin your seasonal hiring process 2-3 months before your busy season. Give yourself adequate time to advertise seasonal jobs, review resumes, conduct interviews, and negotiate job offers.

The seasonal hiring market is fast-paced and competitive. Therefore, waiting too long to hire can mean being short-staffed during peak season. Or, you might hire underqualified seasonal employees who do not reach company goals.

Develop Your Seasonal Candidate Pipeline

Seasonal employees who have positive experiences are likely to work for your company again. Because these employees understand their jobs and company expectations, you can easily rehire them to work the following year.

Implement these tips to develop your seasonal candidate pipeline:

  • Stand out from the competition. Offer better compensation and benefits, a flexible schedule, or a more attractive company culture than the competition.
  • Offer an end-of-season bonus. Thank your seasonal employees for their hard work and dedication during your busy season.
  • Contact seasonal employees early. Ask them to come back the following year. Consider offering higher compensation or better shifts because of their experience.

Make Your Seasonal Job Postings Stand Out

Write clear, concise, compelling seasonal job postings with the following details:

  • Company description
  • Timeframe
  • Job title
  • Location
  • Hours
  • Duties and responsibilities
  • Skill requirements
  • Pay rate
  • Benefits and perks
  • How to apply

Tailor Your Seasonal Candidate Sourcing

Consider who your ideal seasonal candidate is and where they likely spend their time. Then, use these details to determine where and how you advertise your seasonal job openings.

You can choose among the following methods to source seasonal candidates:

  • Employee referrals
  • Your company career site
  • College campus job boards
  • Job boards that advertise seasonal work
  • Social media platforms

Partner with a Staffing Agency

A local staffing agency that specializes in your industry can provide temporary workers during busy times. These experienced professionals can quickly begin producing and providing support for your full-time employees.

Temporary workers can remain with your workforce for as long as needed. You pay for only the services used.

Because the staffing agency employs temporary workers, you are not responsible for payroll, employment taxes, worker’s compensation claims, unemployment claims, or other employment issues. As a result, you save time and money on hiring.

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