Finding and Retaining the Best Talent in Manufacturing

Finding and retaining the best talent in manufacturing can be challenging. These issues have been increasingly difficult since the pandemic-related workforce disruptions.

The manufacturing talent shortage is likely to continue throughout 2024. Fortunately, you can take steps to increase your success with finding and retaining talent. These methods can help.

Implement these tips to find and retain the best talent in manufacturing.

Emphasize Your Employer Value Proposition

Clarify why employees enjoy working for your company. Examples include:

  • Attractive company culture
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives
  • Competitive income, benefits, and perks
  • Generous paid time off (PTO)
  • Opportunities for professional development
  • Sustainability policies and practices

Include your employer value proposition (EVP) on your website, in job postings, and during interviews. Showing why you are an employer of choice helps find and retain manufacturing talent.

Prioritize Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives

Diversity involves hiring qualified candidates regardless of race, culture, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, ability, sexual orientation, and other personal characteristics. Equity involves providing the unique resources, guidance, and support each employee needs for advancement within your organization. Inclusion involves providing relevant resources, programs, and support to help all employees feel welcome, valued, and respected at work.

Emphasizing DEI at every level of your organization provides many benefits:

  • Broader talent pools
  • A wider range of ideas, perspectives, and insight
  • Stronger problem-solving
  • More effective decision-making
  • Elevated innovation
  • Higher employee attraction and retention rates

Hire for Skills Rather Than Credentials   

Reconsider the need to hold a college degree or have a certain number of years working in manufacturing when deciding which candidates to hire. For instance, many job seekers lack the time and money to pursue a college education. Also, many job seekers who work in other industries have transferrable skills that apply to manufacturing roles.

Eliminating the need for a college degree or manufacturing experience significantly opens up your talent pool. You can hire candidates based on their transferrable skills and ability to develop new skills while working. These activities help you find and retain talent.

Discuss Manufacturing Career Opportunities

Share in your job postings and during interviews career development opportunities within your organization. Also, encourage managers to meet with their employees for career planning. This process should include the skills and experience needed for advancement and opportunities for professional development. These activities support employee attraction and retention.

Offer Professional Development Opportunities

Let candidates and employees know about the professional development opportunities your company offers. Examples include:

  • Stretch assignments
  • Job shadowing
  • Microlearning
  • Mentoring
  • Webinars
  • Conferences
  • Courses
  • Certification
  • Industry events
  • Professional association memberships

Providing professional development opportunities shows you value employee career growth. As a result, employees are likely to remain long-term with your manufacturing firm.

Partner with a Manufacturing Staffing Leader

Work with a staffing agency that specializes in the manufacturing industry:

  • The agency has an extensive network of skilled candidates.
  • You interview a few qualified candidates.
  • The recruiter negotiates any job offers on the candidate’s behalf.
  • The recruiter regularly follows up to ensure complete satisfaction.

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