How to Apply for a Job Through a Staffing Company

Many job seekers are confused by the process of registering with a staffing company. Registering with a staffing company is similar to applying for a job with any other business. The only difference is that in registering with a staffing company, you are often applying for many jobs at once.

Based on the type of position you are seeking, the process may vary. For entry level positions, most companies have certain days and/or hours that they accept open applications. You can usually call ahead and schedule a specific appointment time or apply in person during the hours posted and wait until a recruiter is able to interview you. For more skilled positions, most companies prefer that you send an e-mail including a cover letter and a resume in advance. Recruiters can then pre-scan the positions available and determine if any of them would be a good fit for your skill set. If so, they will then call and schedule an appointment for you to come in for an interview.

During your interview, remember that recruiters are there to help match you with not only a job, but a company. They can often be a great resource for helping you get your “foot in the door” at a company where you will be successful. During your interview, be honest with your recruiter about what you are ideally looking for in a position, as well as, what you would be willing to accept. Describe to them what type of work you have done in the past and what type of position you envision for yourself in the future. Be sure to let them know about any skills that you have obtained through education or past work experience. Giving them a realistic view of your needs and expectations will help recruiters place you in the position that will be the most beneficial to your career.

Once you have completed your interview, follow the instructions given to you by your recruiter. They may ask you to follow up every day or wait for them to call. Every company operates differently, so follow their lead. Hopefully, they will have an immediate position available for you, but if not they will keep your resume in their database and continue to consider you for future positions.

After your initial application and interview with a staffing company, you will often be asked to interview with the company where the position that you are applying for is available. Keep in mind that the recruiter has already recommended you because he/she feels that this is a good opportunity. So, come to the interview prepared! Dress appropriately, be on time for your appointment, and make sure to bring any required documents with you for the interview. If you have any questions, ask your recruiter before your interview. They know the employer well and are familiar with their policies and expectations.

After you have completed the application and interview…then what? Well, it depends on the type of job you are offered. The type of position is determined by the company’s hiring needs. If you are offered a direct hire position, you will be placed on the payroll of the company where you will be working. If you are offered a temp-to-hire position, you will be on the staffing company’s payroll for a period of time and then potentially hired on as a permanent employee at the company where you are assigned once that time period is over. If you are offered a temporary position, either short or long term, you will most likely remain on the staffing company payroll for the entire time of your assignment.

With temp-to-hire or temporary positions, you will need to supply payroll information to the staffing company, including tax information and I-9 documents. Your recruiter or someone else at the staffing company will give you all of the details you need to begin your new position including start date, pay rate, and directions to the work site (if you have not already been there for an interview.

Hopefully this article answers a lot of questions about how to successfully work with a staffing company. If you have any more specific questions or would like to apply, contact Impact Staffing at (678) 937-9240.