Perfecting Post-Interview Communication

Effective post-interview communication can positively impact whether you receive a job offer. Following up shows you are genuinely interested in the role and look forward to a positive outcome.

Understanding how to create effective post-interview communication lets you stand out from other candidates. You can use the following guidelines to get started.

Send a Post-Interview Email

Most interviewers prefer email communication after talking with a candidate. Therefore, you should create a concise, polite message for your post-interview communication.

Follow these guidelines to send a post-interview email:

  • Thank each interviewer for their time.
  • Restate your interest in the position.
  • Review three main topics discussed during the interview.
  • Restate your top three qualifications for the role.
  • Include examples of how your skills, experience, and values align with the role and culture.
  • Let the interviewer know you look forward to hearing from them soon.
  • Ensure your email is free from spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors.

Follow Up in a Reasonable Timeframe

Send your post-interview thank-you email within 24 hours of the discussion. Show you are interested in the role and await the interviewer’s response.

If the deadline for the hiring decision passes and you have not heard from the interviewer, send a follow-up email 1-2 weeks later. Respectfully restate your interest in the role and ask for an update on the hiring status.

If you do not receive a reply, follow up again in a week. Respectfully request an update on whether the role was filled. If you do not hear back, move on to other opportunities.

Maintain a Positive Outlook

Keep a positive mindset as you wait for post-interview communication. Interviewers are busy and need time to make effective hiring decisions.

Remember that each piece of post-interview communication lets you build your professional network and reputation. Therefore, you should remain respectful even if you are not offered the role.

Thank the interviewer for their consideration. Also, ask them to keep you in mind for future opportunities. Leaving a positive impression positions you for other roles within the organization.

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