Navigating New Territory: A Manager’s Guide to a Successful Start in the New Year

Navigating new territory as a manager can be stressful. Although you want a successful start in the new year, you might be unsure how to proceed.

Having guidance on navigating new territory as a manager can be beneficial. You can use these guidelines to make a great first impression.

Use this manager’s guide to navigate new territory and help create a successful start in the new year.

Find a Mentor

Ask an experienced manager within your organization to serve as your mentor. This professional can share their knowledge, skills, experience, and accomplishments to enhance your journey as a manager. A mentor also can provide resources, guidance, and support as you navigate new territory in your managerial role.

Lead by Example

Ensure your behavior aligns with the company’s mission, vision, and values. As a manager, employees look to you as their leader. Therefore, they will behave in ways similar to you.

Meet with Your Direct Reports

You might be managing employees who once were your colleagues. Therefore, you should meet with your direct reports to show that your relationships have changed.

Use this meeting to clarify your rules and expectations. Also, address any questions or concerns your direct reports might have. Show that you are willing to learn and grow along with your team and the company.

Emphasize Career Development

Sit down with each direct report to develop their career path within your organization. Include the skills and qualifications needed for promotions. Also, offer opportunities for professional development to help your direct reports move to more senior roles.

Emphasize Communication

Let your direct reports know they can contact you anytime with questions or concerns. Emphasize that although you encourage independent work, you are here to provide guidance and support when needed.

Emphasizing open communication provides many benefits:

  • Higher engagement
  • Greater productivity
  • Increased performance
  • Better job satisfaction
  • Elevated morale
  • Stronger attraction and retention rates

Delegate Work

Ask your direct reports to handle some of your tasks. This process empowers your team to work independently, make decisions, and develop leadership skills.

Examples of delegation include:

  • Asking employees to lead meetings.
  • Requesting that employees talk with company leaders about team-related topics.
  • Asking employees to represent your company at industry events.

Prioritize Employee Reviews

Engage in employee reviews every quarter. Use these reviews to see how each direct report feels about their performance, ask and answer questions, and provide constructive feedback. Focus on having open discussions to praise each employee’s contributions and increase their value to your organization.

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