How to Write a Great Job Description

In today’s job market, it is more important than ever to stand out from the crowd when you are searching for the right person to join your team. Taking the time to write a clear and effective job description can help you find the right candidate quickly and with less headache.

Here are three of our top tips to help you find the perfect new team member:

#1 Keep it simple. Avoid using pre-written templates or language that is not specific to the job that you are advertising. Long, general job descriptions often include tired phrases and jargon that don’t mean much to the person that is considering your job. Submitting applications is a time-consuming process, so great candidates may skip over your position if they can’t easily understand what you need.

Start by listing out the specific job duties that are most important to the position as bullet points. You can add in other information about your company, the department, or industry if it helps you describe the job duties, but steer clear of any “filler” or information that is not of immediate use to the applicant.

Then, make sure you include any of the non-negotiable details that are specific to the position, such as the expected work hours and pay rate (or a range.) This will help candidates sort out the jobs that are realistic for them and keep you from spending a lot of time reading resumes or applications for candidates that are not a match.

#2 Include the right keywords. No one is circling jobs in the classifieds with a red pen anymore- which means most job seekers are not casually browsing postings, but searching online for specific job titles or attributes. Your job posting likely will not be seen unless it includes the correct keywords.

Try to put yourself in the job seeker’s shoes and imagine what words you would search for if you were looking for a new opportunity. Make sure those words in your job title and/or description. Also include any other distinguishing factors that might help you attract relevant candidates like location of the job or specific skills that will be used.

#3 Be unique and engaging. This one might seem obvious, but with a low unemployment rate, you have to make the effort to stand out from the many other employers who are trying to attract the same candidates. Of course salary is always important, but studies show that employees are attracted to many other factors including work/life balance, opportunities for professional development, flexible dress code, social or volunteer opportunities, well-being programs, and more.

Make a list of the reasons why you love working for your company and include those in the job description. One of these reasons alone may not be the deciding factor, but by presenting a full picture of the workplace culture, you are more likely to attract the candidates who will be the happiest at your company.

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