Impact Staffing is the only staffing service I have found that is knowledgeable enough to fill my skilled industrial positions. All of the candidates they submit have been thoroughly screened and have the skills that I have requested. They are very flexible and have customized their invoicing to meet our needs. I recommend them without hesitation.

-Supervisor, Welding Shop


Temporary Staffing is available for sporadic or intermittent work that is not governed by a fixed or regular schedule. This is an excellent way to supplement the needs of your existing workforce during employee absences or temporary skill shortages, or for peak seasonal workloads and special projects.

Temp-to-Hire Staffing provides a trial period during which you can measure an employee's skills and fit before committing to a full-time employment relationship. Employees can also use the trial period to gather information about the work environment before making a decision to join the company permanently. After the completion of the trial period, you may make an offer of permanent employment to the employee.

Direct Hire Placement  offers our expertise in recruiting, screening and evaluating candidates for open positions within your organization. Our experienced staff will source the candidates that meet your skill and experience requirements, coordinate all staffing transactions and ease the burden of the entire process.