I contacted Impact Staffing when I noticed that they were always recruiting for experienced CNC Machinists and that is a large portion of our employees (approximately 150). When I met with their staffing team I was very impressed with their skills testing, especially their micrometer and caliper hands on testing. The average staffing service doesn’t really know what a machinist is. I keep a temporary pool of approximately 30 CNC Machinists from Impact as well as many other skilled positions. Their turnover has been extremely low because they know what we need and send the right person the first time! When I put this business out for bid, they were not the lowest rate but definitely the best value!

-HR Manager, Manufacturing Company


The screening process at Impact Staffing allows us to separate the facts from the fiction. In addition to a traditional interview and resume review, we offer custom exams to find the right skills for your position. This allows us to send only the most qualified candidates to meet with you. We currently offer:


Measurement Tests Computer Proficiency Exams Written Exams


After evaluating the candidates skill and fit for the position, we also ask all candidates to submit to a drug test and background screening before sending them to work at your facility. As part of our commitment to safety in the workplace, we have a very strict NO DRUG AND NO ALCOHOL policy.