Company Policies

Impact Staffing is the only staffing service I have found that is knowledgeable enough to fill my skilled industrial positions. All of the candidates they submit have been thoroughly screened and have the skills that I have requested. They are very flexible and have customized their invoicing to meet our needs. I recommend them without hesitation.

-Supervisor, Welding Shop

Company Policies

Employment Policy

Impact Staffing is an equal opportunity employer. All personnel will provide equal employment opportunity and equal treatment to employees and applicants for employment based on individual merit. Individual merit shall be judged on such factors as qualifications for and interest in the job in question, attendance record, cooperativeness, work habits and behavior, length of company service where appropriate, and the ability to do the job in a satisfactory, safe and dependable manner.

There shall be no unlawful discrimination because of a person's race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, veteran status, genetic information, disability or any characteristics as mandated by federal and state law.

Impact Staffing personnel will provide equal employment opportunity and equal treatment in all decisions affecting the following: recruiting, hiring, job assignments, promotions, benefits, discipline, overtime, pay and other forms of compensation, and all of the terms, conditions, and privileges of employment.

Further, we will exert a good faith effort to provide a work environment for all employees that is totally free from all types of unlawful discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment. Our policy also includes efforts to make reasonable accommodation so that qualified applicants and employees with disabilities can perform the essential functions of the job.

Family and Medical Leave Policy

It is the policy of Impact Staffing to grant an unpaid leave of absence under the provisions of the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) to an eligible employee for: The birth or placement for adoption or foster care of a child; or To care for the employee’s family member (child, spouse, domestic partner or parent) who has a serious health condition; or Because of the employee’s own serious health condition that renders the employee unable to perform his or her job functions. Family Medical Leave Amendments regarding employees with family members on active duty military service, effective Jan 28, 2008.

Concurrent with this policy, Impact Staffing will comply with any and all provisions of state or local laws that provide greater family or medical leave rights than established by the FMLA. If the employee determines that he/she may be eligible for leave under state family and medical leave law, the employee should contact Impact Staffing for assistance in determining total leave eligibility. Any leave that the employee is entitled to take under such laws will run concurrently with leave taken under this policy.

Sexual Harassment Policy

It is the policy of Impact Staffing that all employees should be able to enjoy a work environment free from all forms of unlawful sex discrimination, including sexual harassment. Employees who engage in sexual harassment not only may hurt others, but they also may expose both themselves and the company to potential legal liability. Consequently, Impact Staffing will not condone or tolerate any conduct in the workplace on the part of its employees--whatever their positions--if that conduct violates the right of someone else to be free from sexual harassment.

Any employee who violates this policy will be subject to appropriate discipline, up to and including discharge. Sexual harassment includes any unwelcome sexual conduct that is either made a condition of employment or that creates an offensive, intimidating or hostile working environment.

If you feel you are a victim of sexual harassment, you should bring the matter to the immediate attention of Impact Staffing. Employees who become aware of possible sexual harassment--even if they are not themselves victims--should bring the matter to the attention of Impact Staffing.

All allegations of sexual harassment will be investigated promptly and in as confidential a manner as possible. Persons who complain about sexual harassment or who bring this type of information to the attention of management in good faith will not jeopardize their employment opportunities within the company in any way. Retaliation against such persons will not be tolerated by Impact Staffing.

Prohibition of Discrimination and Harassment Policy

Impact Staffing prohibits all forms of unlawful discriminatory harassment based on:




National Origin


Sexual Orientation



Veteran Status

Genetic Information

Or any characteristics as mandated by federal or state law.

Discriminatory harassment includes any verbal or other conduct which disparages any individual or group and which creates an offensive, intimidating or hostile working environment. All forms of such conduct are prohibited - whether in the form of pictures, cartoons, teasing, jokes, e-mail, epithets, name-calling, offensive gestures or hostile working environment.

It is the responsibility of every employee to follow this policy against unlawful discriminatory harassment, and to bring to Impact Staffing’s attention any actions which do not comply with this policy. Retaliation against those who report violations of this policy in good faith will not be tolerated.

Substance Abuse Policy

Impact Staffing strives to provide a safe work environment and considers the abuse of drugs or alcohol on the job to be an unsafe and counterproductive work practice.  Because of this, Impact Staffing has a strict NO DRUG AND ALCOHOL POLICY. Employees may be required to submit to a drug test under the following circumstances:

- When there is reasonable suspicion that the employee is using illegal drugs.

- When the employee is involved in an on-the-job accident where personal injury or property damage occurs, or when a significant loss of company funds or property occurs.

- When an employee returns to work after completing a drug abuse rehabilitation program.

- When a substance abuse test is conducted as part of a routinely scheduled employee fitness-for-duty medical examination that is part of the employer’s established policy, or that is scheduled routinely for all members of an employment classification or group.

- As required by Federal, State or other regulatory agencies, other types of testing required for certain employees, such as testing of company drivers and individuals in safety sensitive positions as required by D.O.T. regulations.

- When the company elects to conduct internal random testing, which is done in a non-discriminating and impartial way as determined by both my co-workers and management.

Failure to comply with a drug test request, tampering with urine or other samples, or a positive test may lead to termination of employment.